Inner Liberation in Mexico | 10-20th of November

We are offering a very unique opportunity to join a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You won't find anything like this in any travel agency because this is an opportunity to find the harmony of a happy lifestyle in your own body.

Do you feel stuck in this society, who runs after the labels, controls the body image, and suppresses the mind? Do you feel the need to shake things up so to make drastic changes? To shock your life so you could become the creator of your own reality, where you would feel complete, fuelled with pleasure, calmness, and absolute satisfaction?
This retreat in Mexico is like a trip to completely different state of your mind and identity, which yet awaits to be discovered.
This part of you is slightly unusual to the one that your identity has been created so far – it’s less restricted, more playful, filled with fountains of love. Where divinity is clearly recognisable, inside power is easily accessible and new adventures are on the next ‘to do’ list.
This part of you is comfortable with new relationships and is more than ready to face the unknown. It wants to ‘taste’ everything that is possible in this lifetime and never miss a thing.
Are you ready to open up to this unique opportunity through the pleasure, even ecstasy? To learn about yourself from different and deeper perspectives, while having unbreakable connection with the nature? To let your inner self feel free and unstoppable?

Retreat Guide - Ieva Žigonė

Ieva has more than 5 years of experience and is driven by a passion for helping individuals to find themselves and inner harmony by providing unique and unforgettable retreats with direct participation all around the world. Thailand, Koh Phangan Island, Bali, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico are the most extraordinary places where Ieva organised the retreats.
“All my retreats are life-changing and revitalising. Each one is individually unique because I grasp surrounding local energy and transfer it to my teachings. All participants always leave transformed and completely revived since their arrival at my retreats. This is the real inner experience that shocks the body system and leaves space for new passions and beliefs while participating in creating magical feelings. I lead with instinct and intuition.” Ieva Žigonė
We already had one of the retreats in Mexico with healers–shamans. Now we invite you to join us for a completely different experience, which will be filled with holiday vibes, and powerful inner-self liberation while being surrounded by extraordinary and sacred space. Being circled by amazing people while undergoing powerful transformations.
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Why exactly Mexico?

It’s well known that Mexico is one of the most magical places in the world. Ancient rich history reaches thousands of years that is led by cultural and spiritual heritage. This extraordinary place makes you feel lifted from the common understandings and leaves you wanting for more, leaves you filled with magical energy that breaks all known concepts of life. All entity creaks and bends limits with the freedom that this country radiates. Surroundings and people – make this experience so remarkable that many people from the west, haven’t been able to fully experience and truly feel this land. 

While enjoying this retreat you can be guaranteed to be charged with streams of new feelings and thoughts. You won’t feel the same everyday restrictions that leads our day-to-day life. Here you will be touched by absolute freedom that will power your body and mind to dive into your personality without any restrictions.

Exploring this spiritual beauty, wondering through an ancient place guarded by time-honoured people with olden wise views, will leave you astonished and thrilling. Historical powerful cities such as Aztec, Olmec and Maya, have full of life culture with strong roots of local traditions, colonial treasures, breath taking sea sides, considered to be most extraordinary in the world. Also, Mexico is free of any Covid restrictions.

That is why in this free, powerful, and magical Mexico we organised this special retreat “INNER LIBERATION” which will consist of 3 parts!

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First Part - ADVENTURE

First part of the retreat will be about connecting with the nature and being surrounded by wilderness while enjoying comfortable and commodious tents next to unique and beautiful Cenote. Right here, we will begin the grand opening of our retreat. We will be taking deep unknown experiences to find ourselves electrified by spirits and nature of Mexico. This first part will be completely about ‘cleaning’ ourselves from unwanted and like anchor dragging us down old believes and feelings. In the evening we will light up the bonfire, before that in the daytime – meditate and practice mindful breathing which will help us to learn to connect with surrounding nature and reach levels that are deeper than the sleep.


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We will take part in unique Temazcal sauna ritual

Temazcal is a small temple, a sweat lodge, typically a dome to represent the mother’s womb, that is built from the tree branches that carries memories of the trees, soil, and volcanic stone. Just like in the womb, inside the Temazcal the air is filled with dampness and warmth that surrounds all ceremonial participants. This incredible natural steam sauna unites ritual with the land spiritual practice for purification, health and therapeutical prayers. It’s designed to clean the body and mind of negativities and impurities. This ceremony links participants with their deepest fears and powerfully attaches with inner self to find the vital answers. Temazcal is well known to ‘open the heat and mind’, to combine with heritage and true nature, and to fuse life with new visions and perspectives.


We will experience holistic healing via sound therapy

Surroundings of the tropical nature will transport energy to a mystical state of consciousness where the sounds of archaic instruments are combined with contemporary, Tibet and crystal singing bowls and finished by a calming voice. Sound baths can make us feel reborn, restore energy, and bring joy, well-being and abundance with a unique power of healing. This will help to attach and balance our physical and emotional states.


Massage therapy in the surroundings of nature (OPTIONAL)

For a small charge, you will be able to experience local deeply relaxing massage procedures to reach complete ecstasy in exotic nature with hundreds of trees, flowers, and birds.

Second Part - EXPLORING

Stories have been passed through the generations, that 66 milion years ago, asteroid hit the earth in Jukatan region, now known by the name of Tulum. Most importantly, that it created unbelievable source of energy, that was created in such a small space. Many people believe, that in Tulum that electrifying energy lives by providing magical aura. In the second part of the retreat, we will stay in breath-taking villa with luxury amenities such as a private swimming pool and Tulum being short distance from the town centre. We will be exploring local beauty, taste mouth watering dishes and just enjoy new discoveries.



We will visit the most extraordinary Mayan Kulkan pyramid

One of the 7 wonders of the world, that proudly takes place on the UNESCO top of the list for being one of the most important heritages of cultural significant, ancient manmade wonder of the world. In the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico standing strong Mayan, an ancient city Chichen Itza and it’s ruins saturated with electrifying energy that guarded by enormous carved serpent heads at the base of 365 steps – 1 for each day of the solar calendar year, that reflects wide knowledge and astronomical believes of the Mayans. This famous archaeological pyramid carries more than 1000 years of history that represents Mayan symbolism and believes.


We’ll take great pleasure in enjoying Tulum beaches and local cafes

Tulum Beaches – a picture-perfect paradise that creates cherished memories and feelings that last a lifetime. Stunning crystal-clear blue waters, gorgeous white sand, and Mayan ruins on a cliff overlooking the beach will give powerful energy and fuse with new perceptions. Surrounded by this fairy-tale-like nature, we’ll indulge the coast and carefully selected local restaurants and bars with a variety of delicious food and drinks.


If desired – paddleboarding and diving with the turtles

If you wish to experience something new, for an extra charge, there will be an opportunity to travel to the Caribbean Sea coast of Riviera Maya (around 50 km from Tulum), and to swim next to the large turtles under the blue waters. Or just take calming and relaxing time by paddleboarding and admiring the views.

Third part - LIBERATION

Last and most powerful part of our retreat is dedicated to find liberation through pleasure. We will be living in a heart of a beautiful national park, in a villa with our own entrance to the private beach where no public is allowed. We will isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and connect our body, soul and nature without any distractions and side hustle. Our private chef will make delicious plant-based food while we enjoy a private swimming pool just a touch away from the seaside. All this volume of freedom is just for us, to be able to experience powerful liberation through practical rituals, ecstatic dances, tantric breathing and fall into the deep relaxation in all possible levels of the soul.


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Mornings with Vinyasa Prana Flow yoga and game of ‘Leela’ with Julija

Julija Važnevičienė will lead yoga mornings. Fully certified yoga Alliance teacher (Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow) as well as certified Leela game mentor. Julija’s practical knowledge and studies just adds benefits to her natural gift to recognise and adapt to every person’s individual needs. Mornings with Julija will provide a calm and relaxing journey to self-balance in emotional and physical level, and to reach deep raw connection with inner-self.

Leela game also mastered by Julija is designed to electrify the energy and guide the players through many energy stations, which helps to find the key to unsolved difficulties and equip the inner-self with powerful strengths to face the unknown while getting to know the hidden personality that awaits to be discovered. This game was created by Yogi many thousand years ago in India – also known as the ‘Game of the Gods’.

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Going in-depth with Ieva

After a wonderful time at the marvellous seaside and private pool relaxation the meetings will be crowned by the bonfire and a deeper emotional journey to the inner ego, to find liberation through carefully selected exercises, lessons, breathing techniques and meditation, curated by Ieva Žigonė.

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Tantric breathing session with Jurgita

To feel true life ecstasy through tantric breathing will help Jurgita Medonė – coach of self-development, who leads individuals through the energy of love. We will experience conscious breathing in many aspects and learn the sensational benefits and technics while diving into breathing experiences though inner-dance motion. Conscious breathing and movement will become one with sexual energy and will help to transform it into creation of the art. We will also get to know better about tantric breathing that is all about empowering yourself to create a healthy connection with essential nature that will make oxygen and spiritual energy inflate our body.


Retreat Finale - spectacular cocoa ceremony on the beach

The cocoa ceremony is an incredible way to create healing, safe and warm space for the heart to open-up. After drinking cocoa, the senses reach a euphoric state. It helps to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, you merge with your spiritual being and all surrounded by the energy of love.

We will create an atmosphere to connect to each other’s spiritual beings and celebrate exciting essence while being embraced by spectacular nature. Feel the energy that runs through our veins that holds divine power waiting to be freed through creations, abundance, and love. Ieva Žigonė will help to master our devotion in this ceremony while Jurgita Medonė will open our senses to cocoa spirits and help our subconscious mind via motion to help us celebrate our individuality while devoting our true beings to ecstatic dance.


In the first part of the retreat we will live in nature, so please pack accordingly. We would advise you to pack spray from mosquitos, water flask/bottle, sun hat, thin and comfortable outfits, and footwear. Light dresses and sports sandals would be highly recommended while trousers and shorts to be avoided during the journey.

Please, pack evening dresses for planned luxury evening events and white outfit for our last final closing ceremony.

For your information, we would like to inform you, that you will be sharing the room with other retreat participants. Please do consider that resting times will be shared with the group. These types of sleeping arrangements are common in Mexico and will help you to experience local spirits of the land. We truly hope that shared resting times won’t create any discomfort as we believe that experiences and feelings felt from the beginning of this liberation journey will create connection and closeness to your group companions. Having someone next to you that goes through similar new experiences and in search of spiritual calmness to liberate the inner-ego just adds more sensational feelings to our retreat that will help you truly feel the thrill and extraordinary Mexico magic.

If you would like to get a glimpse of how life changing and liberating these types of experiences are…

We share remarkable moments from Ieva’s organised women’s retreat that was held in Thailand, Koh Phangan Island in 2019.

Program of the retreat in Mexico:

10th November (Thursday)

Arrival at international Kaunas airport. 

You will need to find the taxi driver when landed, who will be waiting for you at the airport exit. Driver will take you to the arranged hotel. This day is only to get your energy levels back after the flight, so all you must do is relax, sleep, and acclimate.



11th November (Friday)

09:00 Breakfast in the hotel

11:00 Meet and greet retreat coordinator and the rest of the group. Arranged transport will take you to Tulum retreat where you will be welcomed by Ieva Žigonė. (On the arrival you will get settled into 2 people or 3 people tents)

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Grand Opening of the Retreat with some relaxing swimming 

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Meet-up next to the bonfire / Session and evening meditation



12th November (Saturday)

08:00 Morning meditation near Cenote/ Bathing in the Cenote

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Massages if desired

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Sound therapy

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Meet-up next to bonfire, sharing, meditation



13th November (Sunday)

08:00 Morning meditation near Cenote / Bathing in the Cenote

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Massages if desired

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Ceremony at the Temazcal temple

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Meet-up next to bonfire, sharing, meditation



14th November (Monday)

08:00 Morning meditation near Cenote / Bathing in the Cenote

09:00 Breakfast

12:00 Journey to the villa in the city

On arrival to the villa everyone will be accommodated to MULTI-PERSON ROOM (4-person or 6-person rooms) in a bunk bed sleeping arrangements.

All day will be devoted to exploring wonderful Tulum city (independent arrangements of lunch and dinner)



15th November (Tuesday)

08:00 Independent Breakfast (possibility to buy fruit in the town and have breakfast in the villa or to have breakfast in the town)

09:00 All day tour to Chichen Itza pyramid Cenote Saamal (tour cost inclusive in retreat price)

Free time after the tour.



16th November (Wednesday)

Independent Breakfast any time of your choosing. On this day you will be able to rent scooters or bikes and go to the beach (~15 minutes away). Also, the opportunity to experience paddleboarding or take a tour to the Caribbean Sea to dive with the turtles.

19:00 Luxurious group dinner in spectacular Tulum restaurant (tour cost inclusive in retreat price)



17th November (Thursday)

Individual breakfast at any time of your choosing

12:00 Leaving the villa

13:00 – 14:00 Free time

14:00 Arrival to the seaside villa

15:00 Settling in and lunch in the villa.  Accommodation to 4-PERSON rooms.

17:00 Tantric breathing session with Jurgita Medonė

19:00 Dinner at the villa

20:30 Evening meeting next to the bonfire on the beach with Ieva Zigone


18th November (Friday)

8:00 Morning yoga with Julija

9:00 Breakfast at the villa

10:00 ‘Leela’ game 

14:00 Lunch at the villa

16:00 ‘Leela’ game

19:00 Dinner at the villa

20:30 Evening meeting next to the bonfire on the beach with Ieva Žigonė



19th November (Saturday)

8:00 Morning yoga with Julija

9:00 Breakfast at the villa

10:00 Free time at the villa

14:00 Lunch at the villa

16:00 Free time

17:00 Preparation for exiting cocoa ceremony

18:00 Finale of the retreat with spectacular cocoa ceremony held on the beach

21:00 Late dinner after the ceremony


20th November (Sunday)

9:00 Breakfast at the villa

10:00 Farewell with the group

11:00 Leaving the villa with arranged transport to Cancun airport


The program of the retreat in Mexico can slightly change because of unforeseen circumstances.

Participation information

Price of the retreat 2’500 EUR per person+ flights (~850 EUR)

A non-refundable 500 EUR needs to be transferred to secure the booking. If you wish to become part of this magical, unique, and liberating adventure, please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will get in touch to provide bank details, where you will be able to send the deposit or full fee. Deposit only refundable the case of serious illness. 

Availability is limited to only 12 participants per retreat. Book early to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment. 

If you feel the need to explore stunning and magical Mexico, don’t hesitate and book your space today. 

Included in the price:

᪥ Transportation from and to the airport

᪥ Transportation between the accommodations

᪥ Accommodation for 9 nights

᪥ All day tour to Chichen Itza

᪥ Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the camping retreat

᪥ Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the villa

᪥ Temazcal temple sauna ᪥ Sound therapy ᪥ Yoga sessions

᪥ Leela game ᪥ Conscious breathing sessions

᪥ Meditation sessions᪥ Cacoa ceremony ᪥ Rituals

᪥ Audio meditation specially designed for retreat participants

᪥Sessions and full program lead by Ieva Žigonė

Not included in the price:

᪥ Flights from your location to Cancun and Cancun to your location*

*We advise you to book your flight to Cancun via the KIWI.COM platform.

* We recommend choosing KLM airlines while choosing international flights from Cancun – Amsterdam

᪥ Travel insurance

᪥ 3 nights in Tulum meals are not included

᪥ Massages (possible to book for an extra charge)

For traveling:

ATTENTION! It is necessary to check which requirements are expected while taking connecting flights through different countries (for example, Frankfurt, Amsterdam airports may require Covid tests)

To Mexico:

Mexico does not have any Covid restrictions. Entry and movement in this country is free.

Necessary to have with you:

᪥ Filled form

᪥ Return/ Back plane ticket

᪥ Passport with no less than 6 months of expiry date

᪥ Hotel reservation confirmation (will be sent prior the travel)

᪥ Health insurance

To your location:

Fully vaccinated or if you already had Covid there is no need to self-isolate and test. Without full vaccination on return you will be required to take Covid test and self-isolate for 7 days.

Do you have any questions? Ask

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